by Peter Martin

Community really works around here. That is evidenced for me by the consistency of response to the Food Bank Appeal. In the emotional atmosphere of the early virus news, many were moved by the plight of others. But this community is weathering the long slog and is aware that need is still with us. By the time this newsletter is delivered there will have been 11 large consignments going from us and our neighbours to the “bank” in Swaythling. Thank you for looking outwards, for the lack of insularity of this locality. The need is, of course, still great. The economic downturn has serious repercussions for us all, but perhaps most for people sometimes described as “just managing”. The representative of Food Bank has written to us to say a big thank you, describing the “heartbreak” of some of the users needing a helping hand. Thank you to Andy and others for transport, and to several people for leafleting. Most of all, thank you to you the givers! Please continue to give if you can. Stay safe.

The box is outside 52 Ethelburt Avenue.

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