A few weeks ago, a note was delivered throughout the Residents Association area to encourage people to offer support to their neighbours, and to give residents a number to call for help and support, if they needed any.

We are taking this opportunity to remind everyone that this group is up and running, and to let you know that it has already been providing help to some of our neighbours. Big thanks to all those who have helped already.

If you would like to help, please put a message in the HCERA Face Book group, with your name and address, or ring Chloe*. The group is run via Facebook Messenger, with an additional spreadsheet, so please be aware that we are keeping your details, for this purpose only and they will be deleted when the need is over.

To join the HCERA Facebook group: Login /Sign up for Facebook. Search for “Herbert Collins Estates Residents Association” and click on “join”, answer the questions and submit. It is a closed group for residents only.

If you need help, with shopping, prescriptions, pet care, or just a chat, please ring:

* for phone numbers please see the print edition of this newsletter or email hcera@herbertcollins.co.uk

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