by Lizzie Cox

If you live on the Estate and have a Facebook account, do consider joining the HCERA Facebook Group. You can post photos, requests for help, offer recommendations, find out about events and share information that would interest other members. If you need a recommendation for a good electrician, where to buy logs, how to find a dog walker, this is quick and easy way to find out. It’s also been a way of alerting others about break-ins and events coming up. Our aim is for it to be a lively, supportive community, so we do have a few rules, one being that the moderators will remove posts that would upset others in the community.

How do I join?
Firstly you’ll need to be a member of Facebook. Log into Facebook, find ‘groups’ and tap in Herbert Collins Estates Residents Association. A message will be sent to you asking you to verify that you live or own a house in the Association’s area. You do need to answer the questions for the moderators to ‘approve’ you and then you’re in!

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