We have received the following from Woodhill Properties Limited:

“An issue we discussed at our recent Directors Meeting was residents’ requests for all types of solar panels. It was felt that there were difficulties with these and their siting, even with our current policy which the Residents’ Association helped us formulate. We are trying to please everyone, and this has not worked. There are other conservation areas where solar panels are not allowed at all.

Therefore we have decided to change our policy, and from this point, not to consent to any solar panels, anywhere on the Estate. At least this is simple, and there cannot be discussions about on which roof or wall they are allowed.”

The wording of the new policy, which will be added to the Policy of Woodhill Properties Ltd on our website, is:
“The Company has received several requests recently for consent for thermal panels under the terms of the Leases. After careful consideration, taking into account the views of residents, and the visual impact of solar panels, the Directors have decided that the Company policy will be to refuse to give consent to the installation of solar panels.”

If you have any views on this matter, please email hcera@talk21.com

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