This letter, dated 23 June 2014, was delivered in Ethelburt Avenue (the letter has been shortened).

My name is Jade Budden and I work out of Portswood Police Station. I am the local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for your area and I am looking to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for Ethelburt Avenue.

Over the past 12 months, according to police records, there have been 14 occurrences of crime in your locality. We strive to reduce crime to a minimum and increase community spirit; therefore we wish to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area.
In order to set up such a scheme, I need residents who are interested in joining, to make contact with me, either by telephoning 101 or via email. The neighbourhood will then need to nominate a co-ordinator, in order for us to set up an initial meeting.

Regards, Jade BUDDEN, PCSO 15560,
Portswood Safer Neighbourhood Team,

For more information about Neighbourhood Watch, see and to see the criminal activity in the area, see

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