The latest version of the Appraisal and Management Plan can be seen at

At the time of publishing this Newsletter, the draft includes the following policies:

(1) Provided wooden windows have the correct form and size of glazing bars and other features of the original windows, double glazing would be allowed, p27 section 12.2.

(2) Metal windows in Leaside Way could be replaced by wooden windows conforming to the same pattern as the original wooden windows elsewhere in the road, p27 section 12.3.

(3) That uPVC replica cast iron guttering should be permitted, p24 section 6.2.

It must be emphasised that although being drafted by the Residents’ Association, the Appraisal and Management Plan will be a City Council document and we don’t know whether the above policies will be accepted.

Further input is still invited from residents.

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