This walk goes to the Trojans Sports Ground and returns via Stoneham Golf Course. It takes under one and a half hours.

Make your way to the M27 underpass in Stoneham Lane. Instead of walking all the way along Stoneham Lane, this may be reached by walking in the field on the west side of the lane or via the footpath that goes around St George’s School. Take the road to your left immediately after the underpass that goes to the Trojans Sports Ground. When you reach the ground, cross to the trees on the opposite side. On entering these trees, you will see Park Pond. A path runs around the pond; take this in a westerly direction. Continue until near the end of the pond where you will encounter a gate with a notice “Private Fishing, Access for Members Only”. Leave the path, make a right-angle turn and go up the slope through the woods. You will emerge near Hole 2 of the Stoneham Golf Course. Walk round behind the green of Hole 2. Ahead, you will see a mown area and beyond that, a new stone wall. The edge of the mown area is marked by a row of small white posts. Walk beside these posts. Continuing on, you will come to a path. Follow this to the left behind a huge oak tree; ahead you can see the roof of the club house in the distance. Continue along this track which runs beside the hedge and driveway of Stoneham Park House. Further on, you will see the new iron gates of the entrance to the house. Shortly after this, you can leave the track and go right on to a footpath which leads to the clubhouse. Exit across the car park and take the road which goes over the M27 and then out into Bassett Green Road.

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