The AGM took place in a new venue of St George’s School hall.
In his report, the chairman noted the successful Open Gardens Day which raised £40 for Tools for Self Reliance. He thanked all those who made the Midsummer Party a great success. A party for Leaside Way residents was held on their green in September. It looks as if this will become a regular feature.
During the year there were two interesting refusals of planning permission. The first arose from a resident replacing wooden windows by wooden windows made by Everest. Retrospective planning permission was refused and an enforcement notice issued. The second was the refusal of an application for a car-port. This appears to have been the first such application since the Article 4 Direction. Following the refusal, the householder collected numerous signatures of residents saying they had no objection to the car-port.
The treasurer presented the accounts for 2009/10. The balances in the general and the Ethelburt Avenue repair accounts were both healthy. A £150 donation from Woodhill Properties had been used for the Midsummer Party and voluntary contributions to the party amounted to £60. Following the treasurer’s recommendation, the meeting agreed that the subscription remain at £4 per household.
John Dixon gave a report on behalf of the Ethelburt Avenue Road Improvement Group. The number of volunteers had increased and there were three working parties per year. Ongoing maintenance was going smoothly but implementation of improvements was more of a problem. People were needed to take responsibility and drive them through. The meeting agreed that the Ethelburt Avenue fund remain at £30 per household.

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