Chairman: Ray George, 75 Bassett Green Rd
Secretary: Elizabeth Hudswell, 23 Leaside Way
Treasurer:Andy Sharvill

Street Representatives
Bassett Green Rd: Mike Farrelly, 59 Bassett Green Rd
Ethelburt Ave: Michelle Hickling, 100 Ethelburt Avenue
William Greene, 49 Ethelburt Ave
Field Close: Esther Bhullar, 12 Field Close
Leaside Way: Angela Gilbert, 18 Leaside Way
Stoneham Lane: Elizabeth Cox, 11 Stoneham Lane
Summerfield Gardens:Angela Cotton, 8 Summerfield Gdns

Tree Planting Sub-Committee
Robert Williams,74 Ethelburt Avenue
David Adams, 50 Ethelburt Avenue
Julian Ball, 65 Ethelburt Avenue
John Pointin, 67 Bassett Green Road

Ethelburt Avenue Road Improvement Group
John Dixon, 34 Ethelburt Avenue (Repair Team Organiser)
Mark Farnell, 58 Ethelburt Avenue
Dan Hopgood, 18 Ethelburt Avenue
John Scoates, 38 Ethelburt Avenue
Noel Waterston, 59 Ethelburt Avenue
Rob Williams, 74 Ethelburt Avenue.

Non-Committee Representatives for Ethelburt Avenue
Una Chandler, 19 Ethelburt Avenue
Ruth Hopgood, 18 Ethelburt Avenue
Peter Martin, 52 Ethelburt Avenue

We thank the two members departing from the Committee, Gaye Dawkins and Peggy Gow for all their contributions. Gaye had been a committee member since 2001 and Peggy since 2004.

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