Quite a few residents are complaining about problems they are experiencing with the 70 year old metal windows which are showing serious signs of deterioration with rusting and bowing. Residents are either not able to open them, or are unable to close them properly.

Some residents have screwed their windows together to make them meet, which poses a serious safety problem in the case of a fire.

The windows aren’t heat efficient and insurance companies won’t insure the houses as the windows are ajar. With the windows falling into disrepair, the houses may be harder to sell.

The cost of replacement steel windows has been estimated at nearly £16,000 for a whole house and there are no grants available to help the householder with these costs.

I expect the Residents Association’s working party on metal windows (see the Autumn Newsletter) to liaise with the Conservation Officer and the Planning Authority to get approval for windows which meet the needs of the modern householder and which are heat efficient, safe and secure, whilst retaining the character of the houses but at a cost that is within a normal householder’s budget.

If you have views on the issues raised in this article send an email to hcera@talk21.com – Ed.

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