The Ethelburt Avenue neighbourhood watch committee recognises that the Avenue is a generally safe area with a strong sense of community and regular contacts between neighbours, but it is concerned that there may be people living alone who still feel somewhat vulnerable in respect of minor crime and anti-social behaviour. Anyone who would welcome being put in touch with another nearby resident who would agree to act as an easy point of contact in the event of concerns, is invited to get in touch with me as neighbourhood watch co-ordinator. (Phone 8090 4166)

Over the past year there have been a few instances of cars being broken into locally. The standard advice applies – ensure that there are no valuable items visible within the vehicle. Even quite minor items can act as an excuse to break a window. Additionally, it has been suggested that leaving the glove compartment open can act as an indicator that there is nothing to steal. Stickers indicating ‘no valuables in this vehicle’ may also be a deterrent. We are obtaining a stock and will distribute them.

We suggest that if you witness an instance of joyriding, you aim to note the car registration number together with a description of the vehicle and occupants and report it to the police. We would also be grateful if you would pass the same information to a member of the neighbourhood watch committee, as we try to maintain our own record of any incidents.

Finally, I am looking to give up the neighbourhood watch co-ordinating role. It’s not particularly onerous, but I’ve done a two-year stint and I’m unwilling to make a career of being Mr Neighbourhood Watch. We could also do with a new committee member from the top end of the road following Kate Clayton’s departure. Anyone who thinks they might be interested on either score, please give me a call on 8090 4166.

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