On St George’s Day, the Lower Road Repair Team created two lush green verges near the entrance from Stoneham Lane. The width of the road between these new verges is just that shown on the original plans. This makes clear how much the road has progressively widened over the years at the expense of the verges and footways. A narrower entrance has also been defined by painting white lines on the road. The effect is intended to cause vehicles to travel more slowly.

After work has been done to repair the surface of the road, we are all able to drive more comfortably along it. But remember that the faster you drive, the more quickly the potholes will reform. Please respect the work of those of us who have given up our free time by sticking to the advertised 10 miles per hour speed limit.

Also remember that the 10 MPH limit was recommended to us because of the increased stopping distances of vehicles on an unmade road.

Five young trees have been planted along the north side of the avenue. There are three cherries: Prunus ‘Kanzan’, P. serrula and P. hillieri ‘Spire’ and two maidenhair trees Ginkgo biloba.

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