For those who like reading the Sunday newspapers in bed, it must have come as a shock to learn that from the beginning of September, Hatcher’s were stopping their morning newspaper delivery. (Hatcher’s still have a limited morning delivery of just 3 rounds delivered by a pensioner, and so far the afternoon delivery of Echoes is not affected).

The reason for this calamity was that children no longer want the job of newspaper boy or rather newspaper young person. Greenwood’s the other newsagent in Portswood Road stopped deliveries a long time ago for the same reason. Hamper’s on Westfield Corner, Wide Lane do still have a delivery service but do not deliver west of the dual carriageway. (They might if they got enough customers; tel 8032 2074.)

But salvation is at hand from Copperfield News in Copperfield Road who are prepared to deliver to this area. Their number is 023 8067 2269.

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