The Road Improvement Group is continuing to investigate long term solutions to poor road surface, dust nuisance and other problems identified in the residents’ survey. In the meantime we will continue with the Saturday chain gangs which can make a significant difference at minimal cost. The next two scheduled dates for road improvement parties are 24th April and 24th July. If you have not previously volunteered and would like to do so, please contact John Dixon on 80550064.
The last chain gang took place on 31st January – a thoroughly wet and miserable

weekend – but despite the conditions, most of the repairs have held up better than might have been expected. The top stretch of the road has the most difficult drainage conditions and it is here that the largest number of potholes have started to reappear. Elsewhere, we sought to direct water flow down the middle of the road rather than leaving it to find its own course, except where we were able to divert it in the direction of useable drains.
Along with rainwater which washes away the fine binding materials in the road surface, the other major source of damage is vehicles travelling too quickly. We are advised that the statutory maximum speed for an unmade road of this type is 10mph. (We expect to get the 15mph signs changed shortly). A significant number of residents regularly drive well above the speed limit and, before we start scouring the charity shops for a second-hand speed camera or try mounting a naming and shaming campaign in this newsletter, we really must urge everyone to stick to 10mph. Above this speed, pothole damage escalates, dust nuisance in dry weather is made much worse and stopping distances on the loose surface are greater. Delivery vehicles driven by off-road rallying enthusiasts are also regular offenders and perhaps a few complaints directed at the companies they represent would not go amiss.
One of the stumbling blocks we have run up against in dealings with the Council is the apparent status of the road. It is defined as a public highway (not a private road) but not maintainable at public expense. If anybody has legal expertise or experience dealing with local authorities in respect of their highway responsibilities, we would welcome hearing from them. Please call Godfrey Collyer on 80559812.

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