Since the last Newsletter there has been an upsurge in vandalism and break-ins. This is not confined to the estate but extends to smashed glass in a bus shelter, on an advertisement display and shop doors in High Road. Cars have been broken into on Bassett Green Road, Ethelburt Avenue and Leaside Way. House windows have been broken in Ethelburt Avenue. (A perpetrator has ended up in court). There was a burglary in Field Close and attempted theft of a motor cycle from a garden in Ethelburt Avenue. In a curious piece of mischief, a length of fishing line was strung by some children, apparently to remotely knock a door.
It is likely that the culprits are young members of our local

community, known to us all by sight. If these activities are to be stopped, there must be unequivocal identification of the person carrying out the criminal act.
In the present climate, residents may wish to revive Neighbourhood Watch. The three existing Neighbourhood Watch areas of Leaside Way, Ethelburt Avenue and Stoneham Lane have not been active for several years and need to be reestablished. A prospective coordinator needs to ascertain that about 50% of the residents in the area covered are interested. The area covered could be a road, close or part of a road. The next step would be a meeting with a beat police officer.
Martin Buckley (Tel: 80553448) is willing to continue as coordinator for Stoneham Lane and John Caunt (Tel: 80904166) is interested in reviving Neighbourhood Watch in Ethelburt Avenue. Please contact your street rep or email us if you are interested in helping to establish a Neighbourhood Watch.

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