This walk takes us on a circular route via the Wide Lane Playing Fields and Stoneham Lane. The walk takes about one hour and a quarter.
Go down Bassett Green Road and under the railway arch. Just after the Fleming Arms enter the northern section of the Monk’s Brook Greenway and walk along the path. Just before a little bridge over a drain, you will see on your right a path leading to a stile and some steps to a pedestrian crossing over the railway line. Taking this, you emerge in Wide Lane on the south side of the Ford Employees’ Car Park.
Go along Wide Lane, under the M27 and past Southampton Airport Station. Continue a little further along Wide Lane to the car park of Southampton University’s Wide Lane Playing Field. Enter and go clockwise around this splendid playing field following the south and then west boundary. In the north west corner find a path that leads out to the byway Doncaster Drove, south of the Concorde Club.
Go over the bridge, cross the main road and enter old Stoneham Lane. Go along Stoneham Lane past North Stoneham Church. After passing under the M27 enter the field on your right and cross it diagonally. While crossing the next playing-field to the west you will see on your left St George’s School. Go to the left of the basket-ball pitches and pick up the path that skirts the School and leads out to Leaside Way and so back into Bassett Green Road.

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