It has been evident in recent months that rubbish (sweet wrappers, drinks cartons, cans etc.) has been consistently dropped on the green in Bassett Green Road. Almost daily, I pick up something off the Green. I accept that rubbish accumulating at the outer end is likely to have been dropped by passing pedestrians, however, it is clear that ice, pop and sweet wrappers etc. found in the centre and near the inner end of the Green is probably the waste of children who use it to play on.

When children are busy doing what children do, playing their games or whatever, they often forget the little niceties of life such as depositing their wrappers in a suitable place, e.g. their pockets, or preferably a bin. So please parents, perhaps a gentle reminder to your offspring every now and then might work wonders !
The residents of our close pay for the upkeep of the Green and its surrounding road, so let’s keep it nice for everyone to enjoy – litter free. Adults and children alike – please deposit litter in a bin!

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